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Stainless steel and glass have become indispensable in modern architecture. Stainless steel canopies are also playing an increasing role in the canopy sector. Stainless steel canopies are often also referred to as glass canopies or all-glass canopies. All stainless steel canopies consist of a stainless steel supporting structure with a VSG glass pane (VSG/TVG). A pane of VSG/TVG (laminated safety glass made of partially tempered glass) is mounted above the front door using stainless steel brackets or tie rods. We supply a stainless steel canopy with a 1.13 mm film and 2 x 6 mm laminated safety glass (partially toughened) in accordance with building regulations. The number of stainless steel brackets depends on the size of the canopy. Each stainless steel canopy is individual. We can fix the glass drillings. Of course, stainless steel or glass canopies can be used not only for house entrances, but also for side entrance doors or the roofing of cellar stairs. Due to the design of the stainless steel canopies, a minimal gap remains between the house wall and the VSG glass pane. We can provide you with optional tips for closing this gap in order to achieve the best possible seal between the house wall and the canopy.
Searching for a canopy that is modern and of outstanding quality? Then you will find it here. We offer you high-quality canopies and front door canopies in top
in top quality and from our own production. We have the right glass canopy for every taste and style. We manufacture all standard size glass canopies from stock.
Here you will find the new modern and optical business card of your house. Need more information about canopies? Give us a call or write to us. Our team is
ready for you.
How to find the right shower enclosure for your home

Before you buy your new shower enclosure, you should first be aware of a few important points when choosing the ideal shower enclosure.
Shower enclosures can now be manufactured and installed in a wide variety of shapes. Square, round, rectangular, pentagonal or semi-circular - the shape of a
there are practically no limits to the shape of a shower enclosure. Nevertheless, the creative design should be guided by a few influencing factors. On the possibilities
The possibilities for designing a shower cubicle are usually influenced most by the given location in the bathroom and the requirements of the owner's door. The aesthetic
The aesthetic demands ultimately have more of an effect on the costs of materials and installation than on the possibilities for using the shower room. A floor-level drain
For example, a floor-level drain is a very attractive option that also offers functional advantages, but it is more instinctive to plan because the drain system has to be inserted into the floor structure.
must be inserted into the floor structure.

In addition to the floor shape and design, the design of the shower walls plays a major role in the effect of the shower enclosure. The materials for the glass
and frame should be matched to existing tiles and wall elements. The choice of shower glazing has a particular impact on the size of the bathroom.
If the shower windows are not very translucent or even dark, the bathroom will appear smaller. If, on the other hand, very transparent glass is chosen, virtually
practically no space is lost in the perceived view of the room.