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Questions about garden trampolines for children

1. which garden trampolines to buy?

We offer safe garden trampolines because all important criteria have been tested here: Safety, jumping experience, handling, workmanship and harmful substances.Here you will find an overview of garden trampolines with a diameter of about 185 - 430 cm, which are suitable for children from about 36 months years (depending on body weight). Under adult supervision.

2. a round trampoline has a different bounce/spring behaviour compared to a square trampoline.
The space on the trampoline can also be used more effectively. Therefore, such trampolines are recommended for children who are particularly talented in movement or adults with higher demands (professional training).

3) For whom are trampolines with a diameter of 370 cm or more the best choice?
The larger the diameter of a trampoline, the safer you feel when jumping. 370 cm diameter trampolines are therefore the best solution for larger children and adults. Here at LifeStyle Solutions you will find a selection of trampolines with a diameter of 370 cm.

What criteria are important when buying a trampoline?
The larger the diameter, the safer the trampoline, as the distance to the edge cover is greater. For children from the age of approx. 3 years, models with a diameter of 185 cm or more are sufficient, for larger children from the age of approx. 6 years or adults, trampolines with a diameter of 305 cm or more come into question. Important: The maximum weight specified by the manufacturer must not be exceeded. If there are several children, the total weight must be taken into account. Conversely, it is equally important that the body weight is not too low compared to the specified user weight in order to achieve sufficient jumping energy.
Safety with a garden trampoline: A good lateral edge cover of the trampoline, a safety net as well as a bondenaker in the ground are the main criteria in terms of safety. 5.

Is a ground trampoline better than a normal garden trampoline?

A garden trampoline can be quickly dismantled if necessary, but it is not necessarily a visual improvement in the garden, and you also have to accept deductions in terms of stability compared to a ground trampoline. A ground trampoline (here are the most popular ground trampolines) is more inconspicuous and also more stable, but cannot be removed as quickly or requires installation measures (excavation of the ground). All our trampolines have the option of being used as ground trampolines or normal garden trampolines.

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Shower enclosure to enhance bathrooms.
Walk in shower - freedom in your design bathroom without the need for a shower.
Floor-level shower enclosures: for practical benefits in your luxury design bathroom. Would you like to equip your bathroom with a new shower enclosure / shower partition? A well-known variant for this is a free-standing shower partition Walk In, which is becoming more and more popular. This is usually a free-standing glass partition without a shower door, which allows a generous entrance. The shower area behind it has the features of being installed at ground level. This can be on tile or on a shower tray, according to the installation instructions. A walk-in shower is known to be excellent for a handicapped-accessible shower: a large entrance in combination with a ground-level installation without barriers enables the comfortable use of the walk-in shower with physical limitations or a wheelchair. But what differences are there to consider with regard to such walk-in shower enclosures from Glaszentrum Hagen?

What you can expect on this website:
The perfect Glaszentrum Hagen Walk-In shower for your home.
Walk-In shower enclosure made of safety glass (ESG) with seal.
Shower tray or tile - the right substructure for walk-in showers
Standard sizes and special dimensions - the right (Walk-In) shower for every installation situation
Walk-In shower with shower door or movable side panel
For more stability of your shower enclosure: choose between ceiling struts and stabilisation bar
Much more than Walk-In shower enclosures: Service directly with the customer.

The perfect Glaszentrum Hagen Walk In Shower for your home
A Walk-In is not just a Walk-In. Such a free-standing shower partition can have different features, which then make the shower enclosures differ significantly:

Thickness as well as framing of the glass elements.
Installation on shower tray or tile.
Sizes and entry widths.
Optional extension with shower door or movable side panel.
Ceiling brace or stabilisation bracket.

According to these features, walk-in showers from Glaszentrum Hagen differ both visually and in terms of their practical characteristics. We will help you decide which Walk-In shower you should use to renovate your individual shower.

Walk-In shower enclosure made of safety glass (ESG)

A shower enclosure made of real glass should always be made of safety glass (ESG), regardless of whether it is a classic standard shower enclosure (e.g. a corner shower or round shower) or a free-standing walk-in shower. Single-pane safety glass manufactured according to DIN standards has a comparably high resistance to external stresses caused by knocks, impacts, bending and temperature fluctuations. However, should the glass break, the toughened safety glass (ESG) shatters into numerous rounded glass particles. These have a much lower risk of injury than the shards of ordinary float glass.

Since the safety of our customers and the quality of our products are equally important to us, all real glass showers from Glaszentrum Hagen are equipped with safety glass (ESG). This also applies to our walk-in showers: Choose between 6mm, 8 mm or 10mm thick safety glass (ESG).

The generously cut glass element (toughened safety glass) of such a shower screen / shower partition / walk-in shower is also surrounded by a certain framing. Depending on the product, this varies between discreet hinges as well as high-quality wall connection profiles of various designs and beautifully shaped stabilisation brackets or ceiling struts. Discover our range of walk-in showers and choose the one that suits you best.

Another point about walk-in showers from Glaszentrum Hagen is their ease of maintenance, which makes it possible to carry out the everyday cleaning and care of your shower enclosure in a time-saving manner and with very little effort. But which products are actually recommended for cleaning the various components of a shower enclosure? Find out on our information page on care.

Shower tray or tile - the right substructure for walk-in showers.

A walk-in shower enclosure should be barrier-free. This is possible with both a tiled shower area and a shower tray. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two options? While a tiled shower area can be brought exactly to the same height as the surrounding floor, thus avoiding any height difference, a shower tray usually lifts at least a few millimetres or centimetres off the floor. However, this height difference does not pose a tripping hazard or even prevent a wheelchair from comfortably accessing the shower area. Beyond that, however, a tiled backsplash always has joints. These are susceptible to dirt and limescale deposits u

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